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Star Bursts were parodies of the Star Wars films featuring Sega Sonic characters.

Unfortunately they no longer exist, but they are in the process of being remade.

Yeah Right PlotEdit

The emperor has created a giant square to eliminate his enemies and intimidate the galaxy. Sonic as Luke Sonicwalker, is being trained to stop the "umm pire" from taking over. The rebels use odd shaped ships some of which are just the name of the ship that flies through space. In all three original movies, They face Doc Botnik and the Emporor with really wacky things. Sonicwalker is trained by using a training ball which beats him. Han Knuxo flies the Centenial Birdie, a weird ship shaped like a bird and Luke Sonicwalker flies the W-Wing. They face and eventually destroy the square.

New TrilogyEdit

Star Bursts based on the newer trilogy also were made. Knuckles as "Knux Gon Mad" Tailsikin Skywalker, Prince Aima-Daima, and Sonie Won Kenobi were all characters. In the first one Tailsikin beats "Whatto" (Steve Austin) at a Pod Race, and for some reason is able to join them, and Knux-Gon is buried alive. In Attack Of The Critics, Critics of the series invade criticizing every aspect of the film.


Star Bursts is the first film ever made by SPOME productions (then Saturn Productions). The First Star Bursts had little more than a few ships flying around shooting eachother and stopping at traffic lights, and tails2 being a garbage can. It also featured the first "Poopypants Boy" exchange, which would become a staple of the series.