Roxas freaking out in Utter Nonesense II Red Version

Looks like my summer vacation is...........................over!


Roxas Is Sora's nobody and a stoner from Twilight Town who often gets into trouble.





Twilight Town


Sora, Hayner, Pence, Olette


Seifer The Easy, Raijin, Fujin

Original Media

Kingdom Hearts Series

Voiced By

Jesse McCartney (Kingdom Hearts Series), Jeremy Poliner (Parodies)

Drug ProblemsEdit

Roxas in almost all spome media is shown to be addicted to psychoactive drugs such as LSD and Ecstasy. This is most likely a reference to his constand hallucination like sightings in Kingdom Hearts II.

Taste In MusicEdit

Roxas is seen listening to Afroman at the begining of KHII parody. He also has The Doors' "Touch Me" in his head during a psychodelic freakout.

Existance DebateEdit

Does Roxas really exist? It is uncertain. For the purposes of the Uberverse, he is his own character, but in the game he is simply a part of Sora. Does a nobody have feelings? Most would say no, however nobodies seem to feel otherwise, and if they feel angry, sad, remorse, fear etc, they must have emotions. Axel sure does have a soft spot for Roxas, and Roxas has a lot of EMOTIONAL conflict and probably would be good at writing Woetry.