"Its just a terrible terrible place. Simply awful! I never thought I'd ever have to go here"- Akiti Kyriata

Maruth is a planet in the Larn system which is habitable but often harsh. It is always hot on one side, and freezing on the other. temperatures drop beneath -30 degrees at night and exceed 100 during the day. Its slightly stronger gravity than average makes it really frustrating to accomplish simple motor tasks, and its air has strange chemicals not found anywhere else. In certain parts the substance Delirion can confuse you by emitting its odor. Aliens have compared the planet to taking too much motion sickness medicine while wearing a jacket on the desert moon of mojavis. (or naked on any ice cap if its night). Strange Horrifying creatures fill the planet and there is no sentient life. At least none that has been discovered.

The few who venture here look to carefully obtain the Delirion to convert into the stable Hynonifer form, used in synthesis of precious metals and sometimes for fuel. If chopped up into small pieces delirion can be snorted for psychedelic effects, by some species. It is also often used in certain recipes in gourmet foods served in vacation resort planets as well as added to alcoholic beverages.

The Atmosphere gets heated often to a point when gas pockets are ruptured causing spontaneous combustion of the atmosphere. Storms are also frequent, and an electrically charged energy current sometimes runs through metallic deposits in the ground causing electrocution on contact. Between the composition of the atmosphere and the frequency of inclimate weather, the planet is slowly tearing itself apart.

Day: three Earth Days. (72 hrs.)

Year: 454 Earth Days 151.333333333+ (Repeating) Maruth Days.

Planet Maruth

Karkan Class



Unknown Composition

Dominant Race

Leckous Arviterus: Predator Class


Under Jurisdiction of The Interstellar Federation Of Policy

Discovered By

Liacknin Parkovinit (Karkan Scientist)



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