Irv with Cyacktus Bob (left) and Psycho Pslym (right)

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Yo Es Irv -Irvine Kinneas

Irivine Kinneas or Irv, is a character from the "Tesche's Class" audio show. He is somewhat slow on the uptake, and prefers to spend his days singing, spouting inane sentences, and generally annoying his classmates.

Irvine Kinneas

Original Work

Final Fantasy VIII (1999)

Other Names

Froggy Mcheemerhimerhee, Irv, Irvy Irv, Jesus Christ, Fruity Soft Drink


"Yo Es Irv"


Squall Leonhart, Cyacktus Bob, Psycho Pslym, Rinoa Heartilly, The Don, Zell Dincht


Jeff Tesche, Borris, Seifer The Easy, Nida, Zell Dincht (Formerly)


To have a good time at all costs


Still attends class with Squall and co


Town of Bobberg, Galbadia, Town of Town (modern continuity)

Tesche's ClassEdit

In this series his basic character is formed. He is goofy (lol), but not as flanderized as he later becomes. Most of each minute long episode is spent with him sputtering his catch phrases which back then were much fewer.

The Examination Part IEdit

In the Examination part 1, Irv seems to be the lead star. There are scenes however, where he takes a back seat to Zell's zanyness, and Instructor Tesche's inept yelling. Here is where his first "hit single" My Name Is Irvine was formed. He also helped lead the chorus in the finale "musical epilogue" Things Are Looking Up.

The Examination Part IIEdit

Since much of this movie was a repeat of the original he is pretty much the same. He is seen being called a "TRAAAAAITOOORRR" by Biggs and Wedge during an odd song battle. He also longs for another musical Epilogue that never comes do to the abrupt ending.

Institute Of Mental HealthEdit

Irvine did a recording for a project on borderline and multiple personality disorder. No existing copies of this recording were released do to it being lost. In the recording Irvine kept laughing every time he had to read the word "constipation".

Irvine and Friends Educational Hour: Macbeth Part 1 & 2Edit

Irvine had a major role in the class performance of Macbeth as he was cast as Macbeth. His love of annoying Zell, hatred of Nida, catchphrases, and tendancy to insert modern referances (I shall now kill Duncan....(gunshot) heee's dead! and I'm Still NOOOOT A STEAMBOAT!!) are one of the many issues leading to the show's downfall.

Inherit The WindEdit

Irvine was cast as a replacement for the actor playing Sillers, which he then proceded with his usual Shtick.

Irval Fantasy IIEdit

A power point movie (he couldn't afford flash) about Irv's adventures between his old timeline leading to the creation of his new show. Irv is seen navigating other VGWHQ/SPOME projects and killing off forgotten characters. Parts of this were inspired by Epic Mickey.

Irvine Kinneas Show (Irvy Irv's Corner)Edit

Irvine will launch this new show featuring a variety including new episodes of Tesche's class in the near future.

Voice InspirationEdit

Irvine's comical voice is based off of a combination of Bullwinkle, Grounder, and Patrick Star