Irval Fantasy II is what happens in between Irvine's last shows and the debut of his new one. This is considered to be one of the most serious of anything Irv has been in since Final Fantasy VIII.


Irvine Kinneas, Cyacktus Bob, and Psycho Pslym go out on a quest mandated by an overdubbing of Squall, to find the "Holy Rail". Along the way they face many glitches and forgotten characters trying to reclaim the spotlight.

After forcing Squall to mandate their quest, Irvine Bob and Pslym set out to seek the Holy Rail. Their first obstacle is The Dreaded Chart. The Dreaded Chart is a really lame chart displaying nonsense supposedly left over from some business use of the presentation. Thinking quickly they decide to use Donkeys to blast a hole in the wall and escape to an open field. Once they come to the field they are confronted by Barfings The ninja, who wants to kill them because Nobody knows who he is. They once again kill him with exploading donkeys but not before Pslym is teleportated to the VG Wars presentation. Irv and Cyacktus decide to jump out of their own file, and enter the VG wars. upon arriving they arrive in the meeting room from VG wars part 5. From their, they see Pslym appear but soon after are teleported to the next scenes in the movie. Their they encounter JP who tells them that the characters are working for Krayons and

Irval Fantasy I?Edit

There is no Irval Fantasy I.


For the first time a character is seen jumping out of the file there in and entering a new one. This keeps in the rich tradition of re using scenes from the VG Wars.