Homie G L'Ron is a Rapper who performed at the Pepsi Presents The Show, in the episode Consume Me. His song lyrics are:

I'm in da klub wit ma fitty six hoez and ma pink cadillac wit da chrom and da dowes (doors) I went do da Movie To C a pictya Show But I wond up gettin' down wit ma brand new hoe

Sex Sex Drugs Drugs Gunshot Gunshot Generic Rap Slang

Word Yo

So I shot My Best Friend I Shot My Grandmama I shot my uncle sven and my daughter Baba

And I blew up da world cuz it had no hoes and ma pink cadillac it had no dowes

Homie G L'Ron


Hip Hop/Rap

Formed In

New York City


Pepsi Records

Years Active


Associated Acts

Hump Dumpty

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