Dashow Pizza


Dashow Pizza is a chain similar to Pizza Hut and Dominos. Their menu contains made up names for meals such as "kamikaze calzone" and "Deathwish Deepdish". Dashow has many locations located in major cities such as New Devonshire, Virginia as well as suburbs such as Burton, Indiana


SON OF SANDWICH Hot from the oven, these jumbo-sized rolls are stuffed with pepperoni, cheese, pizza sauce, more cheese, eggplant, and fried chicken. Get an order of 4 with ranch or marinara sauce for $5. Add chocolate for $3!

PERSONAL PARANOIA™ PIZZA This pizza's so nuts, it'll make you paranoid! Paranoid of someone stealing it that is! Create your own nightmare of a pizza from our various toppings. Which vary by location, or cease to exist.$ 6.99

DEATHWISH DEEPDISH® PIZZA Do you have a Deathwish? The Deathwish® pizza weighs in at over 5 pounds* and is nearly 2 feet long. Choose from Pepperoni, Classic or Meaty. It’s served with marinara sauce for $5.99, or Ranch for $10.99

TOMAHAWK® CALZONE Is it Italian? Is it American? its both!! Order the classic calzone with a twist! this is loaded with 3 different kinds of cheeses of your choice!! Mozzarella, Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Colby Jack, Secret Cheeze, American Cheese, or Goo Cheese.

AMERICAN RAVIOLUTION® Take rebellion to new heights with our awesome Raviolution! Its ravioli done the American way!


Carumba Extra

Southern All American Brew

Elvis Lager

Underground Pilsner

Karrap Beer