Photo 3015

Avalon after the 2011 repairs

Not to be confused with Avalon the Elven Kingdom, Avalon is the car Jeremy drives throughout the Ferris Wheel story arc.

Ferris WheelEdit

The Avalon was used at the college campus for the entire time. During its use it reached 100 mph racing through the center Washington Avanue road. It also obtained a mysterious large dent on the side which to this day is not explained.

Road Trippin'Edit

The Car was only used to travel To Maryland as the Subaru Forrester was used for most of the story.

After Road Trippin'Edit

The car suffered major damage sometime between 2009 and 2011 when getting stuck in a snow bank and blowing out a tire, ripping out the bumper, making the driver's side door unopenable, and destroying a headlamp.